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It speaks for itself, and individual outlets can be sloppy, sleazy, biased, or dishonest.But journalism’s dog barks can also perform a vital monitory function, which is why press freedom is constitutionally protected.

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Pursuant to that approach, White House counsel Don Mc Gahn spoke to Mueller for 30 hours, the also reported that Mc Gahn was influenced by the fear that Trump would make him the fall guy for obstruction of justice.

In a later report, it claimed that Trump’s lawyers, past and present, have never asked Mc Gahn what he told Mueller.

The best defense for Trump is the one he’s least likely to take — being completely truthful about what happened, apologizing, and putting his trust in the capacity of the American public to forgive even more embarrassing malfeasance.

The same day Cohen pled guilty, a jury in Northern Virginia found Paul Manafort guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud. This sounds like a mixed verdict, but it was really a victory for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who wants to squeeze Manafort and now has him looking at a sentence of 80 years. Whether Manafort, a notoriously sleazy operator whose crimes long predate his involvement with the Trump campaign, actually has any information implicating the president is anyone’s guess.

The issue for Trump now isn’t so much legal as political — Justice Department guidelines say a sitting president can’t be indicted, meaning impeachment is the recourse for such misconduct.

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