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A source in Soulja Boy's camp also told MTV News that the rumors are untrue. The ring she has on her finger is a ring that was given to her by her mother about three or four years ago and it was not given to her by Soulja Boy."So the story is that the proposal is false," Garner said in an e-mail to MTV News. The picture that everyone has up is a harmless picture where he's kissing her on the cheek.Recently in 2019, there are speculations that Soulja Boy is dating Tiona Fernan.

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There were flash floods all over California which caused mudslides.

On Thursday, rumors began circulating on the web that [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] had gotten engaged to model/ video star Rosa Acosta — according to Acosta's manager and a source in Soulja Boy's camp, the rumors are false.

As Soulja has a daughter, people often search for his wife on the internet. So, who is Soulja Boy’s girlfriend or his baby’s mama? Today, we’ll be exploring Soulja Boy’s wiki facts, age, songs, albums, net worth, girlfriend, daughter, and height.

Soulja Boy has been a part of many controversies and legal actions.

He has the internet to thank for bringing him to the limelight as the internet has not always been kind to Soulja.

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