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Note: Any foreign documents which will be submitted to the Romanian city hall will first need to be translated into Romanian unless they are Multilingual Extract documents.

Translations will also need an apostille (from the originating country) if coming from any country other than the following countries which are exempt of needing an apostille due to bilateral treaties: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Cuba, North Korea, France.

The documents will need to be compiled together into a dossier and submitted in person at the city hall.

Certain types of documents will need to be filed by both individuals, other documents will be unique to each person.

For the following countries, an apostille may, or may not be required, it’s best to check with the country’s embassy in Romania for further information: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Macedonia.

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