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They possess noticeable mental health issues Often one and the same as the party person. This person is thus kept on the backburner, and like a good casserole, left to simmer, the flavours deepening as you continue with other relationships.

The time will come when you can raise the flame and enjoy the person full-time - you just gotta hope they've not moved you to the backburner in the meantime.

So what are the prerequisites for a backburner girlfriend and how does a guy know when he has slipped off the forward flame of a woman's interest and slipped to the back of the stove? Going prime time If you're happy to see a person mid-week but shy away from prime time engagements (Friday and Saturday night, Sunday afternoon) it's fair to say that person has been backburnered. Friend and relatives Backburners rarely get an invite to big family occasions as this could necessitate answering the "how long have you been seeing each other? When the supplied answer is "Umm, about four years" it becomes clear to all that the person is a benchwarmer and not getting serious playing time. The backburner may be known to your friends but they've probably not done a weekend away with them, gone to a dinner party or been squired to a wedding or seminal event for much the same reason as mentioned above.

This is not to suggest that you can't spend the odd weekend with a benchwarmer but you need to keep it casual, ensure beauty products are not left in your bathroom and avoid the "so what are we doing tomorrow? Buying gifts You usually don't send the backburner flowers or buy them exy dinners. Of course, the reason for the reason above - why the person hasn't made the rotation, been selected in first grade, moved to prime time - can be varied but usually breaks down like this.

There are no details that show William Porter to be married or engaged to a partner.

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