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One of the main exceptions to this rule is if the book was owned by someone famous who wrote in the margins of the book.

Some things that might make a book rare include: The best way to find the rare book values for books you already own is to do some searching online to see what the going rate is for the book you have.

First edition books in mint condition will almost always have more value than subsequent editions.

If you need help downloading the printable checklist, check out these helpful tips.

2000 was a very special year for Ladybird children's books as it marked 60 years since they published their first book for (1940).

Ladybird books have since become known for their unique 56 page 'pocket sized' mini-hardbacks which remained at a constant price of 2'6 Net for over 25 years.

In every category of rare books there are titles that are highly sought after by collectors.

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