Radiochemical dating chemistry

‘Some radionucleotides might become bioavailable, there is always the suspicion that there are leakages and a flow into the groundwater or evaporation into the air,’ Voigt explained.

‘We don’t know, and so we need experts.’ She tells that there is currently ‘just a handful of sound radiochemists’ in Germany, and most of them are already well-established in their institutes, which do everything they can to retain them.

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Although Australia doesn’t have nuclear power or nuclear weapons, there are still sites on the continent where nuclear research matters.

These include uranium mines, former British nuclear test sites and anything to do with the past and present operations of the nuclear facility at ANSTO.

‘In those cases, when there was a sudden need for a large number of samples to be analysed, the capability wasn’t necessarily there,’ Payne says.

Even Japan – which has quite an advanced capability – wasn’t ready for the huge number of samples, and the enormous amount of public interest that was suddenly generated by Fukushima, he notes.

The mission of the Collider-Accelerator Department (C-AD) is to develop, improve and operate the suite of particle / heavy ion accelerators used to carry out the program of accelerator-based experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL); to support the experimental program including design, construction and operation of the beam transports to the experiments, plus support of detector and research needs of the experiments; to design and construct new accelerator facilities in support of the BNL and national missions.

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