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She also talks about the implications of letting Yelp users personalize their homepage experience and how effective the BBC’s new voice assistant can be in a competitive digital market.The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry in the UK has to deal with not only Brexit effects, but also strong competition from retailers’ own-label products.With as much heart-felt calm as possible, you can ask this–“What would mean “some space” to you? We know that it can be difficult to bypass old habits but if you want to create more trust between the two of you, you have to listen–and it doesn’t mean agreeing.

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It’s clear internet users are unhappy with ad loads overall, but there are also some types of ads they like more—or less.

The ones that provoke the most ire are those that get in the way of consumers’ ability to view the content they have sought out.

Making herself aware of the exact words and tone she used in those situations helped this woman to see what happens more clearly.

We all make up stories that may or may not actually be true. If you want to keep your connection, you job is to recognize when your mind chatter is spinning you off in ways that can kill connection and not buy into it.

Have you ever felt your partner pulling away from you and the more you pushed, the more he or she retreated?

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