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Market value, however, is what a company is worth in a much broader context and can change greatly depending on the business cycle.It is determined by multiple factors, including stockholder equity, corporate debt, and the market environment as a whole.

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dollars, Apple led the ranking of the world’s largest companies in 2018.

Apple also led the way in 2018 as the world's most profitable company, with a net income of 59.4 billion U. Put simply, market capitalization, or market cap, is the worth of a company based on stock price; an important metric when determining value for potential trading opportunities.

Infobases' first products were floppy disks and compact disks sold from the back seat of the founders' car. At the time, Brad Pelo was president and CEO of Infobases, and president of Western Standard.

Less than six months earlier, he had been president of Folio Corporation, whose digital technology Infobases was using.

and Dan Taggart, two Brigham Young University graduates, founded Infobases and began offering Latter-day Saints (LDS) publications on floppy disks.

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