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Beginning in 2020, coverage limit changes will only be allowed at the next year’s renewal, which will take effect in January 2021.

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Read More » Winona County Commissioner Joins MCIT Board The MCIT Board of Directors unanimously appointed Winona County Commissioner Marcia Ward to the board seat made vacant with the departure of Dan Kuhns. Per MCIT Bylaws, Ward will serve until the next annual meeting, at which time the unexpired term will be filled by election. It is important that each member assess it operations, its propensity to accumulate personally identifying information, and its exposure to risk.

Coverage limit changes can be requested any time through November 2019 with members being charged on a pro-rata basis.

LEARN MORE ABOUT MCIT » With summer in full swing, county parks and recreation services are in high use.

LEARN MORE ABOUT MCIT » Trend of Rate Reductions Ends with Increases for 2020 During the July MCIT Board meeting, Mark Doepke and Scott Anderson of Actuarial Advisors presented their report regarding recommendations for 2020 property, casualty (liability) and workers’ compensation rates.

"Jack" Stephens joined his brother and with a handshake, the two brothers formed Stephens Inc. The two brothers quickly began a series of acquisitions that would become a catalyst for the firm's growth and future.

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