Playboy chatlines the dating board game

The video mimics the format of vintage commercials advertising phone sex hotlines during late night programming.

Playboy chatlines-3

x I have fantasies of straddling you, my long blond hair down my back as I rise up and down on your gorgeous cock as I tongue your mouth and you squeeze my tits. I don't need to tell you what a dirty little slag I am, you can see for yourself, and you'll hear from yourself too when you call me.

I want to feel your finger in my ass at the same time. Take me down some back alley way, hoist my cheap skirt up, hook my knickers to one side and shove your cock up me.

there was a sexy Yoda willing to fulfill your every desire…

We found this hilarious phone sex line parody starring the classic Start Wars characters.

I'd love you to call me now, with your cock in your hand and wank while I talk dirty. Why I don't I bounce up and down on you and you watch my lovely belly fat shake and wobble as my fanny juice runs down your legs?

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