Phone etiquette dating

Rather than texting every morning as you get ready for work or each night before you go to bed, keep the interest levels high with flirty messages when they’re least expected.As you rely more and more on texting and messaging apps for chatting with potential partners, you run the risk of placing limits on your communication methods.This is especially important if you’re talking about something serious or an issue that you want to make sure he or she understands clearly.

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As Scientific American found, leaving your phone out can cause distrust, even if you aren’t actively using it.

In contrast, you’ll feel more connected and be closer if there are no potential distractions in sight.

Besides, it’s nice to know someone’s thinking about you, and it gives your love interest the chance to reciprocate the good vibes.

Whatever you do, though, take care not to let casual texts create unnecessarily high demands for your communication patterns.

New relationships can be incredibly exciting, which can cloud even the clearest-thinking person’s judgment.

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