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There has not been an update for the Mac version because, as of at least 2015-03-31:"Description"Peerguardian OS X:"Not developed anymore. That could change, but for now, just ignore this application. There are constantly updated peer lists available to use for P2P apps such as Transmission. Therefore, I'm not going to publish a URL to the current list here. (new MB Pro, 2.6 GHz, 8 Mb) Too bad it didn't even get out of beta before it was toast!

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You still need to institute some kind of network firewall defense and some kind of virus protection in addition to Peer Block.

Peer Block software is compatible with all the major file sharing applications, such as Kazaa, i Mesh, Lime Wire, e Mule, Grokster, DC , Shareaza, Azureus, Bit Lord, ABC, and others.

Extremely useful piece of software that works on Mountain Lion.

I wish there were more of this type of app to choose from, but at least, we have this one.

And yes, it works as advertised, if you try and figure out how it works.

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