Outlook not updating exchange

This is what I found and tried thus far: First open exchange EMC and see that the databases are mounted.Also open the exchange queue viewer under toolbox in EMC. Also dumb thing to check, is there enough space left in your drives for exchange?If Outlook still cannot connect and you cannot reach any websites or internal resources, contact your IT department because you have a networking issue. Here's how I handle this: Note: You need to be able to see file extensions in order to know if your data file is a or If your data file is a .pst, follow these steps to run Scanpst on the file: Close Outlook and browse to one of these locations: If you use Outlook 2019 - Scanpst will run eight passes over the data file; depending on the size of your data file, this can take quite awhile.

At the bottom of your Outlook window, you should see Trying To Connect....

If it connects, your problem is resolved; if not, move on to the next solution.

In other instances, troubleshooting is much more challenging..so it seems.

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SEE: How to save time and expand features with Office add-ins (free PDF) (Tech Republic) You should restart MS Outlook and, if that fails, restart your computer.

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