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, Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons and his wife Justine Simmons invited viewers into their home and their personal lives, providing a squeaky-clean hip-hop spin on the celeb-reality format first popularized by in the early '00s.

Evidently looking to stretch their legs creatively, the real-life husband and wife duo star as lightly fictionalized versions of themselves in this ultra-formulaic family sitcom, which started life as a pilot at ABC before ending up at Netflix.

We took the liberty of ranking every Netflix original show, with the following conditions: no kids shows, no foreign-language series (even if created by Netflix -- sorry, A plot predicated on fat shaming, multiple whiplash-inducing tonal shifts in single episodes, a bafflingly cavalier attitude toward sexual relationships between teens and adults: Everything you've heard about how bad this show is is true. is the one with kids and a dead spouse; Kimmy Gibbler, Urkel-like succubus, is in every other scene; and all the kids are slowly dying from staring at i Phones.

No attempt was made in the creation of this sequel series to change the formula of the flagship program of ABC's 1989 TGIF programming block. In the premiere episode, John Stamos breaks the fourth wall to make a Mary-Kate and Ashley joke.

(Tony Danza), a dirty cop who did time in jail for corruption and is -- twist! Part police procedural, part father-son buddy cop show, it all blandly comes together for an overwritten odd-couple saga, glued together with noir-like swipes from scene to scene.

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