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Just a conversation: It was supposed to be just like any other conversation they'd had since she left for school nearly eight months ago, deciding UCSD would would be a better fit for her than the closer UCLA, which would have been up a half-an-hour car ride north of their suburban home in Orange County.

Marc, a United States Army colonel, along with his family, had been relocated to Los Angeles for a desk job after more than 18 years in the Army.

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The couple loved each other, and jealousy was never an issue.

In fact, both Jill and Marc believed that explorations within a relationship prevented them from straying, and with gusto explored kinky roles that they'd never tell anyone outside of the bedroom.

With the tip of her index finger, the slender brunette softly pulled on the side of her white panties, allowing just the tip of her finger to touch her left pussy lip.

She could feel the heat radiating from an area she'd come to be familiar with ever since she learned what sex and desires were. This time, it was almost taboo -- something she'd never experienced before.

Such a greeting was his way of saying hi, his way of checking in on her, his way of telling her he loved her. For at least a year now, since she was a senior in high school, Marc had began noticing his daughter and more than once, found "impure" thoughts entering his mind each time he saw her and her friends.

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