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Apart from video calls, you can avail voice calls to landlines and mobile phones with the help of Skype credits. Along with the call, it is possible for you to chat and send media files using Skype.

More Features of Skype App: Skype for Android | Skype for i OS Just like Skype, I hope you have heard about Viber as well.

If you follow points mentioned above, then you will enjoy your group chats every time you initiate one and participants will also not hesitate to join but will hesitate to leave from your group chat.

Following steps are given above, it's very simple to invoke i Message and start a group chat on i Phone. Having Viber installed on your i Phone will help you. This kind of chatting capabilities is very useful, and hence people are crazy about doing group chat. On i Phone, the above covered are the most important and useful group chat tools that most of i Phone users are using to reach out to colleagus, friends, customers and others.

Viber is another powerful communication tool available for i Phone. We shall see how to use Viber to create group chats on i Phone. Before I end this article, I want to write about do's and don'ts of group chatting.

- In addition to video chat, you can also send text, graphic and emoji in real time via ez Talks. - It supports to schedule group chats, share screen, files & images, interactive whiteboard when chatting and record group chats. Create an account in ez Talks, or you can simply use your Facebook or Google account. Share the group chat room number to your colleagues, friends or others or send emails with ez Talks to invite them to attend the group chat.

Lets' see the steps on how to create group chat on i Phone with ez Talk Step 1. It's very simple to use ez Talks for you to start a group chat, no matter whether it is an audio one or video one. Read More Apple i Message is the default app for communication and chat on i Phone.

Let's see how to start a group chat on i Phone via i Message Step 1: First, start i Message app from the home screen of i Phone. Tap on the message editor to enter your message or add an image, a video or audio, and then tap the "Send". Those whom you have added as recipients will receive your message from i Message. Viber allows up to 199 contacts or phone numbers in a group chat. As an admin, you can add contacts, remove contacts, delete group chat.

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