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Women no longer need to marry a man to begin their life.But many of us, maybe even without a poll we could say a lot of us, still want that loving, caring and commitment-full relationship.With all this being said, and this is also something that has changed a lot with younger generations of Mexicans, sex is not an automatic is no commitment has been made.

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It is easy to see how this might not work out very well. None of this is to say that are not mixed cultural relationships everywhere that work out just fine.

The key is in figuring out together what the differences bare in terms of culture and working them out.

Bachelorhood can be defined as that time in a man’s life before marriage.

Except, more and more young and middle-aged men are choosing to postpone the commitment part.

For most women in the US this would be a dream come true, I do not have to work? In this culture it is almost unheard of, at least in younger generations.

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