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Partnering with hookup sites to reach high-risk MSM for HIV prevention and treatment messaging is an important public health opportunity for reducing disease transmission risks in Rhode Island and across the United States.

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To our knowledge, few HIV prevention messages are delivered on hookup sites in Rhode Island.

We then contacted the most commonly identified hookup sites about pricing for online advertising for HIV prevention and testing messages, as well as their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

HIV diagnoses in Rhode Island are reported by patient name to the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Patients were recruited from all major HIV outpatient clinics in the state.

From 2007 to 2011, the number of annual new HIV diagnoses in Rhode Island declined from 121 to 97, but the percentage of newly diagnosed individuals who were MSM increased during that time from 47 of 121 (39%) to 62 of 97 (64%).

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