Of changesets and updating work items

We have constructed in the build solution a custom activity "Types.cs" (basically a simple enum): This is passed as possible values of an build argument we have added named 'Build Type': .

This appears now as a configurable build definition parameter: We obviously enter 'Private' or 'Integration' in each definition accordingly.

So if you try to change and save any field in a work item which is in an Approved state, you will get the following Team Advisor warning: I left this last case for the end because I’m not fully satisfied with the final result.

A request for enhancement has been created in to suggest an improvement by being able to not requesting an e-signature if there is no approval set up (see e-signature Enforce only for existing approvals (169362)).

I hope it will help you understand approvals in Rational Team Concert…

In the final steps of our process, we check on the value of this param & depending on it we send (or not) an email to a QA alias.

It might be possible to organize a similar implementation to meet your needs.

After checking in a change-set into source control in VS2010 TFS, how do I make corrections to the work items associated with the check-in.

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