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One of my favorites is the one where a lady calls her cell phone company 20 times in 48 hours, each time claiming that her baby is lo The stories about stupid customers are very funny and entertaining. I laughed until I cried on a lot of these, and I sat The stupid.... I'm honestly glad to say I'm not the only one who dealt with the world's most daft individuals! It was after one particularly frustrating run-in with a customer that he decided to create Not Always, a Web site devoted to sharing funny and stupid customer quotes.The only "disadvantage" is that the website is just as good as the book, having multiple new stories a day and being searchable by category. My husband works full time as a cashier at a grocery store, and horror stories he's shared, honestly I'm so glad I work from home now for myself. From groaning, to intense complaining, to situations that leave workers asking, "Are you serious?

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I check it ever EDIT: Reading this started my years-long obsession with the website. So much fun and a great way how to kill time, especially when you are waiting for your doctor appointment. Also, their website is wonderful, my best friend in school when I am bored.

I check it every morning even before I read my emails.)If you have ever worked ANY kind of customer service position, you will read this book and identify with nearly every anecdote.

The book and site showcase customer-relations horror stories everyone can Retailers, restaurants, and tech support providers believe service is king, but in The Customer Is Not Always Right, A. Adams proves that customers will do anything they can to put that motto to the test.

The book and site showcase customer-relations horror stories everyone can relate to.

The black humour is made even better by its realism. I've worked in various customer service jobs over the past twenty-plus years, and my Lord these people..... This is a fun and fast read if your are looking for something with a good laugh. I mean I have some really horrific stories just from my 15 years working with customers. I understand that there were only 100 examples and each one had to be a small page long but there had to be better stories from their website. There was NOTHING bad about this book because it was just a bunch of outrageously funny conversations between customers and employees. :)This is a cute book to give to anyone you know that works with the public. Adams is no stranger to dealing with customers; he was born and raised in Las Vegas, a city well-known for its thriving service industry.

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