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My marriage eventually fell apart for reasons unrelated to faith, but it opened my eyes to the need to respect Muslim women’s choice in marriage, even to non-Muslims.

Bureaucratizing Islam by suggesting such solutions, as “let him convert on paper” is not just hypocritical; it does not work in reality.

One night was particularly distressing when a well-educated, senior medical colleague of mine (a doctor) volunteered, “to educate me” about how God would punish me if my husband stopped performing his Islamic duties.

This colleague then said, with no small degree of condescension: “I repeatedly questioned why Muslim societies are happy to accept their men marrying non-Muslims, but firmly deny their women the same right.

To enter the Dome of the Rock, my ex-husband was asked to perform ablutions (the ritual of washing before prayers), apparently to prove he was not a Jew.

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