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I still don't think I know….” Chopra's definition of consciousness certainly sounds like pseudo-profundity, but I have since gotten to know him and can assure readers that he doesn't create such phrases to intentionally obscure meaning.He believes that quantum physics explains consciousness, so invoking terms from that field makes sense in his mind, even though to those not so inclined, much of what he says sounds like, well, BS.

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He and his team have shown, again and again, and in many different ways, that much of what biomedical researchers conclude in published studies—conclusions that doctors keep in mind when they prescribe antibiotics or blood-pressure medication, or when they advise us to consume more fiber or less meat, or when they recommend surgery for heart disease or back pain—is misleading, exaggerated, and often flat-out wrong.

He charges that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed.

@siddarth_nahar is right about tooltips (they also make usage on mobile very awkward).

But I wanted to propose another thing: host definitions on Git Hub and add //Edit with Git Hub// button.

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