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Features of special note are the Hellenistic period golden jewels from Karpenissi and Thessaly., Ministry of Culture and Sports | National Archaeological Museum". It is a Roman copy of the famous, lost statuary group attibuted to Myron erected on the acropolis that, Zeus or Poseidon, the Artemision Bronze. Recovered from the sea near Cape Artemision in Euboea., California, Chimera, Cimon of Cleonae, Culture, Cycladic, Damophon, dated to approximately 370 BC, Delos, displayed in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Dodona, Early and Mid-Bronze age (3000–2000 BC and 2000 to 1700 BC respectively), erected on a fountain in Athens near St Demetrios Katéphoris in Plaka.

These expansions were necessary to accommodate the rapidly growing collection of artifacts.

The most recent refurbishment of the museum took more than 1.5 years to complete, during which the museum remained completely closed.

The inscriptions museum expanded between 19 with the architectural designs of Patroklos Karantinos.

The museum has an imposing neo-classical design which was very popular in Europe at the time and is in accordance with the classical style artifacts that it houses.

These mysterious human representations, which resemble modern art and inspired many artists such as Henry Moore, came from the 3rd millennium BC old cemeteries of Aegean islands along with bronze tools and containers.

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