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She gathered some wetness, slid her hand back in and began jacking me harder using her juice as lube. We were a block away from her house so I pulled in front of a house and parked.

All I could do is reach over and slid my hand into her panties and rub her as hard and fast as she was jacking me.

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I could feel it covering her hand, and my leg but she kept tugging.

This sent her over the edge and I felt her pussy contract all over my fingers.

She knew I needed a release too but we had also been late getting her home before and we knew we had to leave now.

I was bummed but figured I could just rub one out later thinking about how hot it was when she came on my lap.

That was all the encouragement I needed as my mouth immediately latched onto her nipple. I spent time going back and forth between each nipple as she was grinding away on me telling me how good it felt.

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