Miley cyrus and david archuleta dating

And it made him feel really lonely." It was fellow "Idol" contestant Melinda Doolittle who helped him overcome his feelings of isolation, paranoia and PTSD.She suggested him to go to a therapist who is specifically for those who have been on reality television.

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Basically it is simple, David has helped all of us in one way or another by touching our lives in a positive way, so in return we should do the same.

The most important thing to remember about “Pay it Forward” is that is isn’t just about volunteering.

We have grown into a family here and what better way to say, “Thank you,” to David for all that he has done for us and all that he continues to do then to “pay it forward,” to others.

I know how blessed I am now and I know I am a better, stronger person because of David and because of all the wonderful people here so I wanted to give some of that back.

Here is Serena’s explanation, in her own words: This is the Archie “Pay it Forward” Christmas Project! We all go on and on about it (including me) but I wanted to do more.

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