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Our Bing Maps transit coverage consists of over 250 agencies in 9 different countries including well over 100 in the United States alone.Trip frequency provides users with information on how often a bus or train runs super useful for when you need to time your departure to a transit stop.

10-2011-0047487, filed on May 19, 2011 and Korean Patent Application No. With communication technologies advanced in these days, a function to guide an optimum route based on real-time traffic information to users is also offered.

This car navigation system may be classified into a map-stored navigation system and a map-streaming navigation system.

Hopefully you might be able to get an idea from the source code though about how to develop a dynamic, real-time map.

Best place to start is the Google Maps Javascript API. You will find lots of sample there, but basically with a few lines of javascript you can associate a Google Maps object with an element in the DOM (map_canvas): Having a look at what Whrrl is doing specifically.

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