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Just be aware that closeness takes down anything that might be casual about the relationship. It’s very endearing to find out a guy has told anyone in his family about you, and it can be a great step further in a relationship, but that’s the key word, relationship.If your guy tells his family, he’s not a hookup guy, it doesn’t matter if he’s trying to pretend otherwise.

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An important skill when it comes to hookups is to have an exit strategy and stick to it. Any of you are allowed to pass out and save the exit strategy until next morning.

But if he’s fine to drive and wide awake and still stays over, perhaps with the intention of cuddling, that’s a sign hookups are probably out of his comfort zone.

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I want to get married and believe you are that person. If you turn it into an emotional ultimatum, you will lose personal power in the relationship. This is a matter of self-love, integrity, and self-protection.

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