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Also, around 70% amongst all users are women, and the majority is above the age of 30 (Cunningham, 2013; Spalton, 2013).

Cunningham (2013) continues how proceeding and throughout the 90s, men were the ones active, taking the initiative on setting up a date.

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Saha and Kingsley-Miller (2013) have embarked on a pursuit of an “anti-date” app, which attempts to avoid dating in the traditional sense.

In a nutshell, instead of letting the website do the matching, location-based services suggests ‘alike’ people based on their proximity.

Today in the UK, more than 1400 sites or applications (apps) offer people, regardless of their preferences (e.g.

Jewish: , etc.), a tailored platform in their pursuit of love, or casual relationships (The Telegraph, 2013).

Needless to say, online dating has developed to be one of the most popular means of meeting partners.

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