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Yeah, clearly you have never heard of such backwards countries as the UK, New Zeland, Argentina, and countless others who have been charging metered rates for years now. I heard that NZ, AU, and Argentina do, but that's because they are cut off from society, and the cost of running fibre cost a lot, so they charge up the ass to avoid upgrading.Charging by the byte is going to halt the evolution of the internet in USA, Canada, not develope it quicker.

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This would give people with normal usage the ability to use the internet without issue, and would force the bandwidth hogs to pay by the byte.

People with very low usage could also opt for the metered plan to save money each month. Not when we have big system updates that have to be download all the time. Also M$ killed off auto patcher so we not need to download the update on each system useing auto update / Microsoft update or set up a WSUS sever with is to much for a few system in a home And is just for you OS.

All in all, bill by the byte is a disaster waiting to happen....

I can see billing by blocks of like 20-30GB (with the next 20-30GB being only a couple bucks more....nothing to fret over), but by the byte is going to be ick.....(please note that I wouldn't even support the 20-30GB blocks either; I'm for unlimited's true and canonical definition).i wouldn't go for this, BUT if there was no minimum think of the old people in your life that could then have high speed connection and pay as little as $1/month for dsl. just having you pay more for what you already get for a set price.

Kids, and adults, would curtail their piracy if they were truly paying for the product.

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