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You can’t use the online closure form to tell the commission about the dissolution of your CIO. You need to put ‘CIO dissolution’ in the subject and confirm: You also need to give details of how any property vested in, or held in trust for, the CIO has been or is to be applied in accordance with the directions in its constitution.

Nonprofit corporations are often faced with tough decisions about their future.

Usually, you wind up the original charity and transfer its assets to the new charity.

If you have registered as a charity with HM Revenue and Customs, you need to tell HMRC if your charity structure changes from a trust to a CIO.

Consider if you can make effective use of the charity’s remaining funds by transferring them to another charity with compatible purposes.

Alternatively, you might find a community foundation or some other charity may offer to continue to run your trust in line with its objects.

The complexity of the dissolution process will depend on many things, including the existence of leases, employees, employee benefit plans and other contracts and ongoing commitments that must be settled and terminated.

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