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Biggie retaliated by cutting up not just her Coogi dress, but every particle of clothing Faith had in her closet. Turns out that it seems there was a time when they damn near came to blows on sight, whenever they came into close contact with each other!Faith said that 4’11” Kim is “feisty” though and was able to hang with her as they traded blows. But when we were together, it always turned into a lover’s quarrel or a lover’s nest.

That day was one of the days when it probably wasn’t the best thing.” As the topic came to a close, Kim confirmed that Biggie tried to seduce her cousin, Latisha “Lala” Crosby.

Although I wanted him to be there to make sure my shit was tight, a lot of times it wasn’t the best thing.

pull a gun on his then-girlfriend Lil Kim, the pint-size rapper has corroborated the abuse in their relationship. You know how it is when you’re in the industry: the guys can do whatever they want, but you can’t do shit. [Laughs] And everybody knows I get busy with the pen, but I loved when Big used to come and persuade some of my raps, ’cause he’s the freakin’ greatest; why wouldn’t I? But everybody knows…all my hit records, [‘All About The Benjamins’], ‘Get Money,’ ‘Crush On You’ — all me. they’re good people, too, but when they turn into that other person, it’s so hard to identify who that other person is.

manager Lance ‘Un’ Rivera]; Biggie wasn’t even involved in that,” she explains. Like, he came because he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t gonna have any eyes for Usher, or Jermaine, you know. All I know is Geminis and I’ve learned how to really deal with Geminis … I know he loved me to death.” Watch the full interview above.

The 44-year-old hip-hop veteran and mommy to four-year-old daughter Royal Reign also announced that the visuals to her latest single, “Go Awff,” are also expected to release this Friday. Kim released that album shortly before surrendering to authorities after being sentenced to serve a year and a day bid in federal prison.

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