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The carpets were destroyed and we had to pee in the shower until the plumber and new toilet could get there the next day." —Lindsey 10.

"She wouldn't stop talking about cute guys." "I started seeing this girl when I was 16 years old.

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Funny enough, she sat in front of me in one of my college classes last semester. "She broke my toilet tank." "I once brought a first date home to my tiny apartment that had one bathroom.

We tiptoed around trying not to wake my roommate and then my date excused herself to go to the bathroom.

On the date, we walked along a nature trail while I got eaten alive by mosquitos and I learned that her last two relationships ended because she'd cheated on her fiancées, (that's fiancées she cheated on.) The date came to an end when we were in a Starbucks and her mother called her phone and they argued for half an hour, leaving me to sit there awkwardly looking at my phone.

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