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The Phyto VFP model is structured into three main modules: (1) " PAR estimation ";-(2) " Photo-acclimation of marine phytoplankton";-(3) " Phytoplankt...

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Phyto VFP is classified as a Wavelength-and Depth-resolved (WRDR) model and is based on the implementation of photosynthetic efficiency (Fv / Fmax), measured in-situ by the Prim Prod probe.

An innovation of the model is the reproduction of the daily photoacclimation process by varying photosynthetic parameters (Ek, alfa and Pbmax) along the water column as a function of stratification.

He describes it as "out of the normal Lazzara product line, more of a day boat, with open areas and foldout balconies.""One of the unique features is that you can walk from the beach into the master stateroom," Lazzara says.

The LSX 65, which is sold and under construction, is powered with twin IPS 1350.

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