Kal penn is dating

During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Penn was a strong supporter and a member of Obama's National Arts Policy Committee. He was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award (for Harold & Kumar), a Screen Actors Guild Award (as part of the cast of House), and a Teen Choice Award (for Harold & Kumar).

In April 2009, Penn said that the television writers killed off his character on House (2004) because he had asked to be allowed to leave the show to go work for the Barack Obama Administration as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. In Late April 2010, Penn was robbed at gunpoint at a.m. In 2014, Penn was working on graduating in international security from Stanford University.

They both dreamed of their son being a doctor or lawyer.

He is also mostly known for his performance in the Harold & Kumar and How I Met Your Mother.

In the year 2009, he became an Associate Director for the Obama administration.

American actor Kal Penn is widely known for his breakout role in the critically acclaimed film The Namesake.

He is also a comedian, producer, and former civil servant.

Penn does not seem to be dating nor has a girlfriend right now.

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