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212 THE DISINFORMATION SOCIETY Many who votec for Bush disagreed with his policies— they simply didn't know it. Aboard the world's biggest, most extravagant, and most technologici tricked-out floating palaces, Mark Seal learns that if you have to ask, you can't afford it. A new, more powerful V-8 engine with 360 horsepower, Acti Stabilization, and a wider rear track for enhanced agility and handling. Q HOWARD SHAW Lost Youth With more than 20 years in the film and television industries.In an epilogue to the paperback edition of his book Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. reveals how the media betrayed the American people. 216 PETRA'S STORY Petra Nemcova and her boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee, were on a romantic getaway in Thailand when the tsunami hit, engulfing their bungalow and smashing their dreams of a future together In Prague. ^^^^ '"*' ^ IP" •««• ■« HUGOS I.8OO.6958OOO nordstron macy s MOVADO the art of time ' Vs -MOVAOO ' maestro, international actress. Photographs by Todd Eberle and Fernando Bengoechea. /H The New BMW750Li V- sion is in danger of being downsized, outsourced, and otherwise replaced by Analysis. A stunning new highlight on the resume of P The New BMW750UV-8 1-800-334-4BMW C^ The Ultimate Driving Machine n ■ 1 mlt VANITY FAIR AGEND ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION • EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITI A STAR-STUDDED EVENING On October 16, 2004, Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson hosted an intimate dinner at their home in honor of the late actor and Motion Picture & Television Fund benefactor Roddy Mc Dowall. Howard Shaw has conceived and created hundreds of programs including short films, television commercials, and educational programming. Lost Youth, is a hard-hitting docudrama that examines the lives of four young victims of workplace accidents. JAMES WEBB & EVAN TORCHIN Life Against Memory e Austin-based filmmaking team of les Webb and Evan Torchin has nbined their talents in photography and eenwriting on Life Against Memory, \ story of a man, lost and out of gas, 10 ponders the relationship between xnory and reality — and raises more estions than answers in the process.

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Près de 700 personnes pourraient être de la fête dont évidemment des têtes couronnées.

Une autre fête serait prévue pour le 29 juin, mais le magazine People ne précise pas s’il s’agit de la cérémonie religieuse.

Leslie Bennetts hears about the Czech supermodel's miraculous survival, her grief at losing her love, and the meaning she found in that mass, and deeply individual, tragedy. 222 PROUD HARVEST The late Jackie Robinson forged his civil-rights legend on the baseball diamond. his son David is fighting injustice, too, on a different continent and in a different arena. A N F A I R 31 DAYS IN THE LIFE OF THE CULTURE Red, white, and blue— Cornelia Guest takes it off in Harry Benson's America. Homes on Elaine Sturtevant's Warhol-inspired exhibition. Bruce Handy does the Kung Fu Hustle: Ander Tepper on The Longest Yard; Patricia Bosworth gets behind Haskell Wexler's lens. Attended by nearly 100 guests, including Diane Lane, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst, Laura Dem, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the event celebrated Mc Dowall 's unwavering commitment to the MPTF, an 84-year-old nonprofit organization that offers a safety net of services for those in need within the entertainment industry. LESLIE BENNETTS, CARL BERNSTEIN, PETER BISKJND, BUZZ BISSINGER, HOWARD BLUM, PATRICIA BOSWORTH. Q RICH LEE Precursor Director-animator-sculptor Rich Lee lends a unique and ominous point of view to Precursor, the story of a woman living a day-to-day routine, oblivious to the state of the world around her, until a single moment in time alters her existence forever.

Visiting Robinson at Sweet Unity Farms, his coffee plantation, in Tanzania. Elissa Schappell on May must-re and Sue Carswell's Faded Pictures from My Backyard. Frank Di Giacomo groove to Feist's sultry sound; Katie Sharer sheds some light on John Wigmore: David Margolick remembers sportswri Shirley Povich. DJAM Ji M*A From Los Angeles to New York to Miami, ■* *"* 'Gfi DJ AM is the entertainment industry's premier DJ. WHERE MOVIE-LOVERS BELONG With unparalleled screening facilities, a cafe bar, and a cinema -themed retail shop, Arc Light Cinemas Hollywood in Los Angeles is truly a film-lover's paradise. JULIAN SANCTON, CATTLIN WEISKOPF Associate Editorial Business Manager EILISH MORLEY Photo Associate JESSICA DIMSON Photo Department Coordinator ALEXA HELSELL Photo Assistant JESSICA CHATF1ELD Editor, Creative Development DA\TD FRIEND Contributing Editors HENRY ALFORD, SUZANNA ANDREWS. Q DENNIS GUSKOV Good Stuff: The Story of a Man, a Dream, and a Whole Lotta Kites Siberian-born Dennis Guskov uses optimism, humor, and a lot of kites in his short film about Ray Bethell, a 79-year-old world-record holder for multiple-kite flying who lives by the mantra that, despite the unfairness of life, the human spirit endures, and "that's good stuff." Q DOUGLAS HORN Trailer: The Movie Writer-director Douglas Horn sends up big-budget trailers in this short film based on a true story.

This Republican will go to her grd knowing how Bush won re-election, but | optimist is convinced that computeri?

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