Jennifer garner dating Futanari flirt

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"They have some friends in common," explains the insider, "and know some of the same people through their kids." And the businessman, author of , passed her friends' initial screening, fitting the description of "good guy who will spoil her," and ideally having been told he should call rather than text and maybe send flowers every now and then just because.

Says one source, "She's been through a lot and deserves that." In Miller she also found someone who got it.

While the Stanford Law grad didn't exactly fall into her lap and announce himself as an ideal match, he was at least existing somewhere on the periphery.

And when Garner let it be known to pals that she was finally ready for a set-up, her divorce from Affleck all but wrapped up after protracted, yet entirely civilized proceedings, he was on the short list.

According to I felt so spoiled by all of the birthday sweetness, thank you.

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