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No matter how curious you are to discover if your speed date meets your "datable criteria," save those interview questions for later. Would you rather spend a day in the woods or at the beach? Tell me about a sporting event you'll never forget After your date responds, say something to acknowledge him/her.

If you don't manage to enjoy the time, you'll never get a chance to find out anything else. People often decide if they like you or not within the first 15 seconds, so do your best to appear confident and look like you are having a good time. That's always a good strategy for getting to know someone. " Here's a list of conversation starters to get the ball rolling easily. If you could try any job for one day - what would you choose? You may even share your own perspective on the topic or say what you liked about the answer.

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If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.

Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.

Hurry Date offers just three minutes, while 8 Minute Dating obviously allows 8 minutes, and there are more variations as well.

With such a short amount of time, what should you talk about? With just minutes to connect with a prospective date, what's the best way to spend that time?

If you are single and living in Dallas/Fort Worth and would like Pre-Dating to run a local speed dating event, please sign up below!

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