Is s e cupp dating anyone

The American writer and Conservative political commentator, S.E Cupp is well established in her career and is enjoying lovely family life with husband and children.

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Is s e cupp dating anyone

She’s known as a moderate conservative who chose not to vote for President Trump and has no trouble pushing back where she finds the Right…in the wrong. I love to find solutions to problems big and small.

I don’t want to gather people — who sound and talk like me — in a room and yell at the camera for an hour.

The show was so great, it was brought into the regular weekend CNN lineup.

Now, she hosts “SE Cupp Unfiltered” on Saturday nights.

I want to be the sort of a place you can breathe and actually hear people and have a conversation and maybe learn something.” The girl is in her element on a debate panel and projects a confidence and intelligence I can only dream of.

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