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Luckily, her three best friends Dakota, Courtney, and Imogen are there with her every step of the way."One of the things that I drew [from] was having that really close-knit group of friends," she says about the project.

"I definitely wasn't as much of a dork as my character is, but I definitely had that close group of friends.

So to add in a subscription service and have original shows that are high-quality that could be on TV — except they're just on the place that people already go to watch online content — I think it's a really good idea.""I feel like at first, people didn't take online creators as seriously as they [do] now," Jenn adds.

But today's You Tubers are not only coming up with the concepts for their videos, they're also starring in them, editing them, and promoting them on social media. "There's a lot of talented people from the Internet," she's quick to point out, adding that she and her contemporaries, who include household names like Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota, are "just trying to get out there and do the things that we really, really want to do."And while social media creators might be a relatively new type of celebrity, that doesn't mean their work is any less valid than their more traditional counterparts.

"I think the reason why people connect to us so much is because we're real people," she says.

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