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—— Sugar Baby I think just be yourself just right until whatever comes out of your mouth and whatever comes written down typed out whatever because that’s coming from the heart and that is the true you if you plan on saying what you’re going to say or think about it too long that is not you at all if you just put the pen to the paper and just write that is coming from the heart and I think that is what you should do trying to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby is tell the truth and everything should work out fine.—— Sugar Baby Be yourself cause in the end and all the time in between it is only you who is able to be truly happy so life is to short why waste time by being someone you’re not or someone someone wants you to be.being true to yourself brings out thing unimaginable and intoxicating to the soul no hirt in trying so take a leap and have no regrets i wanna do the unthinkable.I’m not saying use real names or personal information, but to express who you are and be the exact person they will be meeting.

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—— Sugar Baby I feel like this is cliche but really honesty is the key. Your body maybe attractive but your mind is more beautiful then anything else. Don’t say what you’re looking for right away unless it’s honestly good company.

Write something that if your best friend read it he/she would be able to pick you out without hesitation. Your potential sugar match doesn’t have to wonder if you lied about being a smoker or if you secretly have a beard fetish. —— Sugar Baby What I have written on my profile if nothing but the truth. When you do your moments don’t be nude leave that for later leave that for when you’re together. That might be considered a turn off if you say money (Depending on the guy)Why not leave a little mystery also in your profile? My profile shows my achievements and what I think is fun/my hobbies. It took me about 20 mins to make one i liked and i even showed my friend. Like my likes and hobbies (hobbies that could also benefit them).

I’ve been in a boring relationship for a long time and now that I’m single I’m looking for something better with someone better and I put that on my profile because, honestly, I just want people to know I’m done with immature boys who waste my time and don’t know how to treat me well.

I need a man —— Sugar Baby I probably have one of the most worst written profiles all I put is basically I’m honest caring generous kind just basic traits that I display in live by I don’t know what else to say I just want someone who looks at my profile and wants me for me down to earth honest caring generous person I believe we all come here to be better than we are and that’s what each lesson in life is for.

—— Sugar Baby I don’t write things to attract anyone in particular I write things about myself and that are true I would want the person that is reading them to say hey this is a real woman she knows what she wants and she is willing to do what she has to do and when she receives what she’s looking for she’s willing to do for her man as he does for her but in other ways maybe not in money because I don’t have a lot of money to do much with I just get by and I am a survivor but if I ever had a lot of money I would not be like some of these people are today because I am fortunate I have lived a life of luxury and had everything I wanted in life before and then one day God took it away to show me the other side of life so I appreciate more now because in a blink of an eye you can lose everything.

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