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“If you’re someone who doesn’t like their free time all booked up, that might not be the best match for you ultimately.” Early stages of dating are often activity-based because both people are looking for ways to spend time together, but if someone tells you they actually prefer to just chill in their spare time, Dr. This is another one of those safe, early date questions Dr. For some people, the answer is just as important as if someone wants kids.“If someone knows they love dogs and always wants dogs in their life, but the other person has an allergy and can’t be around them, well, that’s something to know,” he says.D, says there are some important questions you should get to the bottom of before the big day.

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Important questions before dating

Meyers says it holds important clues for long-term compatibility.

“If someone says that they like to spend their weekends meeting up with friends, going to concerts, or pursing other activities, that can clue you in on what your time together could look like down the road,” he says.

When you’re getting close to getting married, he says you can then ask more specific questions, such as how much time—weekends, holidays, vacations…—you are expected to spend with them. Meyers says should become more specific the longer you are together.

Otherwise, there may be confusion—and frustrations—later. “It’s not enough just to ask someone if they are religious, because that can mean different things to different people,” he says.

This is how your parents’ relationship could affect your own.

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