Img code is on japanese dating members

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The bolts have the same lug pattern and are functionally identical, though methods of manufacture differ.

Barrel length and overall length is the same and both are battle-sivhted to 300m.

Yooper John you cant date a chinese SKS that isnt from factory 26 , all other chinese SKS falls into a production classification .

oblong factory codes: 1.(23),(874),(974),(0402),(6009),(9186),(9696) D. no, the barrel lug is the shoulder that meets the receiver , see pic in yooper site below.

This perception was not helped by the crude exterior appearance of real late war type 99 rifles which mirrored the cost and time saving measures implemented in Nazi Germany in the Kriegsmodell Germany Section of the Milsurp Knowledge Library.', BGCOLOR, '#DDDDDD', BORDERCOLOR, '#000000', BORDERWIDTH, '1', FOLLOWMOUSE, 0, OFFSETX, -10, OPACITY, '95', FADEIN, '25', FADEOUT, '25', CLICKCLOSE, true, FOLLOWSCROLL, true, PADDING, 0, BALLOON, 1 , ABOVE, false, TITLE1, 'Germany - Milsurp Knowledge Library', LINKURL, 'https://

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