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They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours.

After a while, they started walking again, out of the park towards the main street. He also has gone out for meals with the band members. Reporter: Did you have a meal with Ikuta Toma-san at Nakameguro the other day? Matsumoto-kun (from Arashi) always comes along too.

In other words, she might be someone he looks up to. She married the bassist of the now disbanded band REMIND in December 2008, and gave birth to a daughter in May 2010. Reporter: But it was only the two of you the other day. Reporter: You were holding hands after you left the restaurant and look pretty close..

Similarly, a representative from Ichikawa’s talent agency had told Sankei News, “we have not heard of any such thing from her (Ichikawa)”.

Source Wow...could that mutual friend be Yamapi or Maki but then the years don't add up =/Ok...

Both Ikuta and Ichikawa are at critical points in their careers at the moment.

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