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I would like to find a way to make this process easier. Please reconsider as I'd like you to succeed in collecting data and finding the beauty of Excel Lists and Tables. You haven’t failed to convince me to change the layout of my worksheet.

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I have two unidentified family photos from the second half of the 1800's, one of which I SUSPECT could be one of my Confederate ancestors.

Any help putting an approximate date to these photos, based on clothing style, hair style or something else would be greatly appreciated, as it could narrow the possibilities.

But a big no no is get roudy when she talks to another boy.if a guy is flriting then you MUST step in and show that she means something to you! You need to be sensitive to the girls feeling and you have to take an… You are not your brother, and you aren't the one dating her, and just let your brother be happy with his girl because people need to have their agency and date whoever the heck they want to. It is also good that you love her but if you are thinking about another girl while dating this one then it isn't fair to the one you're dating.

It would help because you can understand that your cousin is an loser for dating the same guy you liked and she new it and that would be messed up if that he kne that the girl he is dating is your counsin but he still likes you even tho he likes your cousin Well, I am 12 and I know how that feels..I can help you. and seriously, its called cheating, so you need to break up w him. Exes should always remain exes but if it's working for you guys... To become a transgender girl if you are a boy, you will need to have the help of a physician.

I mean dating with a girl is when you bang them one night never call them again, c'mon man just watch " How I Met Your Mother', just watch…

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