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They identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual and somewhere in between.

And the state has not enacted a law passed by an increasing number of states prohibiting bullying of students based on their gender identity.

But the issue has led to a patchwork of responses across the nation.

Federal laws provide some protection, as shown by a case resolved earlier this month in Huntsville.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission awarded Tamara Lusardi, a transgender civilian employee at Redstone Arsenal, an unspecified settlement, ruling that she "was subjected to disparate treatment on the basis of sex" when she was forced to use a unisex bathroom and referred to with male pronouns at the Army facility.

In December, Ohio teen Leelah Alcorn wrote a note on Tumblr decrying her parents' refusal to accept her transgender identity and criticizing societal attitudes toward transgender people before she committed suicide by walking in front of a moving truck. Blake Brockington, a transgender 18-year-old once crowned king of his Charlotte high school's prom, killed himself on March 23.

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