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Breaking down internal walls is a simple solution to many of our problems, but it is NOT an easy one.

We have basically mastered the art of seclusion and have become creative in masking the parts of ourselves that are most vulnerable, sensitive, and easily hurt.

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However, I realize that my love life isn’t truly cursed; it’s a reflection of me and my choices!

It is therefore my responsibility to seek more fulfilling relationships, to realign my values, and gradually tear down my internal walls one stone at a time.

It probably would not hurt to begin avoiding men who reflect my own issues and begin seeking emotionally available partners.

It might even mean enjoying my life as it is with or without a partner as I work to dismantle the entire security system that is wrapped around the inner workings of my heart and mind. After all, fear, love and sadness are all emotions that make us human.

I seem to exclusively pursue unavailable men who pay me little regard and are simply uninterested in a future with me.

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