How to prevent itunes from updating

TMP (nnn is a random number) copy the files in the %temp%\IXPnnn. Turns out it contains a number of MSI packages and an exe called Setup The MSI called i has a property called SCHEDULE_ASUW, which I'm pretty sure stands for Schedule Apple Software Update Wizard...

TMP directory to another directory and terminate the installation. so I'm thinking giving this a value of 0 is the key to turning off updates.

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This component is required for i Tunes to sync and manage mobile devices.

NO_ASUW=1 Don’t install Apple Software Update for Windows. Don’t omit Quick Time unless you’re sure the client computer already has the latest version installed." So from Altiris I just had "NO_ASUW=1", that seemed to run ok in the background but then I got a message "Apple Application Support is not install", even with just "" I go this error. I simply 1 unpacked the installation 2 deleted the Apple software update msi 3 zipped it up with an that calls the remaining msi installers 4 uploaded to KACE 5 was rather pleased (I do the same for quicktime which unlike itunes is on all my computers) I have never had trouble from this.

If you still have trouble after you test your connectivity, your security software could be interfering with your computer's connection with i Tunes.

In some cases, it might be necessary to temporarily remove your security software to isolate an issue.

Some Internet security apps don’t uninstall completely, so you might need to download and run a cleanup utility for your security software for it to be completely removed.

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