How to be less intimidating

is a GM-less game with a fairly loose structure and no pre-planning required.

Don’t get me wrong – in the context of a competitive sport or important business negotiation appearing intimidating is a desired quality, however, when it comes to interpersonal interactions on a daily basis, intimidation is not always the desired effect.

My aim isn’t to walk around purposefully intimidating people and making them feel small but at the same time I refuse to slouch and display poor posture and body language just so people feel better about themselves.

Sometimes my resting facial expression can be somewhat neutral, bordering on looking angry.

Combined, this gives off an aura of confidence which can intimidate some people, especially if meeting them for the first time.

This RPG can get ridiculous really fast making it a good game for players to exercise their imagination with low-risk.

Last modified 18-Feb-2020 18:49