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I came back from the canteen and she was still out there with her kid. She asked me,” Have you come on a tour with your family.” I replied, “No, I and my friends have come on a trekking trip”.

, I am Ravi.” She told,”I am Priya, and this is my son Rahul.” I waved a hi to the kid. We finally reached the restaurant and me and my friends sat on one side of a table and Priya aunty and her friends sat on the other side. On the way me and Priya aunty were silent until she decided to ask me, “were you staring at what I think you were staring at?

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She smiled like she was being appreciated for the first time in years. She wore a red saree, a matching blouse and very light jewelry. The curve on her hips could not be compared to anyone. When she got up to go to the wash I checked out her ass. I was wondering how could her husband not spend enough time with such a beautiful sweet woman. We were done with our dinner and were walking to the hotel back.

With a cheeky smile I said, “I have great respect for house wives, they are hard working, loving and very good”. I was feeling bad that she might feel I was taking advantage of her. She said in a calm voice, “don’t worry relax, am not angry, many men stare at me.

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I went to her and asked, “why didn’t her husband come? She said, “i told you, he has some important job at his office, he rarely spends some time with us”.

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