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While they we're busy planning for the date Jiro is just silently sitting at the other side. "he added."Sure, I would loved too..." Hebe answered.."Thanks, I love you sweetie.."Aaron said before he says goodbye... Hebe went to Selina's house to asked her help in convincing Ella.

While they we're eating at the canteen they talked to Ella and started to convince her.."What, Chun is asking me for a date? At first, Ella refused to their request, but because of her feelings for Chun she accepted the invitation a couple of hours later..

Xiao Gui is also rumoured to be with Gui Gui for over half a year now.

When Gui Gui saw Aaron Yan appear in the studio, she ran to him like an arrow and shout: The staff on the side talks whispering: The staff on the side frightened them with: Female sends the dream to have to marry; Male teasing that it will never happen Gui Gui talking endless: When Aaron heard this, 3 lines immediately appeared on his face, he smiled awkwardly: Aaron revealed he was very nervous, "Amongst Fahrenheit, I'm the youngest, I have older brothers to help so I'm not worried, but Gui Gui is even younger than me, I'm scared that she'll say the wrong thing, and I won't know how to rescue her.

唯一的玫瑰" (Wei Yi De Mei Gui) Yao Ruolong Chan Kwok Fai The Only Rose.

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